How does it work?

PresentationTube platform offers a new way to combine the video content with the presentation slide thumbnails. Thumbnails are miniature versions of PowerPoint presentation slides similar to slide sorter view in PowerPoint. Thumbnails are arranged in vertical view to allow the learner to browse and navigate through the video content and control both the player and sequence of video presentation.

In addition, this association helps to break the forced pace and linear consumption of video content and allows the learner to move to the respective video content and control both the time and progress of video presentation. So, for example, if the learner needs to watch the instructor’s explanations on slide 5, he/she clicks on slide 5 thumbnail to skip directly to the video part associated with this slide.

Video presentations are augmented by a discussion forum to enable some form of asynchronous interaction with the presenter to elaborate on issues that might arise from the material presented in the video or respond to students’ questions.