Screen recording with PresentationTube Recorder for educators

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With PresentationTube Recorder, screen recording is very easy. If you’re just starting out and wondering “How can I record my screen?”, are searching for a screen recorder or are already a screencast pro, this post offers some ideas on how to make your screen capture videos more engaging, and tips to help you produce screencasts with professional quality audio and video. PowerPoint videos, recorded presentations and lecture capture videos have become popular additions to educators’ tool kits. These kinds of videos are all based around a recording of an instructor presenting content on their computer screen — commonly called a screencast or ‘screen capture’.

We see many educators recording presentations or their screen — and sometimes themselves (with a webcam) — as they narrate lesson content at their computer, and editing this screen recording into a video they share with their students. This post gives production tips and ideas for educators producing these kinds of videos. If you’re looking to record a full class or lecture, you may want to also check out our guide to getting started with lecture capture.

PresentationTube offer a quick and easy way to produce ‘show and tell’ style video — great for explaining and illustrating a range of subjects. Research has shown that students respond best to short, informational videos no longer than six minutes. Screencasts are fast to produce and consume, and tend to work best when they’re short and focused on a small number of concepts or ideas. While it’s totally possible to capture an entire lecture–length presentation this way, the resulting video is more likely to be long and un–engaging.

Adapted from MediaCore: