Screen Recording with PresentationTube Ver. 3.0

record screen

PresentationTube Recorder Version 3.0 is a versatile and professional screen recorder, which is a good combination of screen recorder and slide narration tool. It can record every onscreen activity from computer to make movies for tutorial or training. Any live streaming video or audio file on screen can be recorded in real-time. Except recording audio from computer system, the program also supports to record external voice via microphone. Plus, it can record web camera video. When you click camera in the left corner at the bottom, the program will connect with your webcam to record webcam steams.

What make this screen recording program distinctive is its character to create video from different resources and media. It enables presenters to start and stop recording in customized duration. Thus, presenters can record video without confining to wait in front of computer. After recording, the program will save the recording to ASF & WMV format file acquiescently. If you need to share your video with slides, just upload the ASF file to PresentationTube website and share the link with your audience.