Using Screen Recording Software in the Classroom

Article by Education World

Screen-capture software produces a shareable image of a person’s computer screen. These snapshots may encompass the entire screen, or only a small portion. In either case, whatever is viewable within the frame of the virtual camera will appear in the digital image. 
Below are four great ideas for taking advantage of this simple technology in the K-12 classroom.

Homework Helper
Rather than printing out classroom material and handing it to students when they return to school after an absence, take a screen capture of it from your computer. Email the image, or upload it to a class Web site so that students stay in the loop.

Instructions Made Easy
Use a screen-capture app to create step-by-step tutorials for a given computer task. Rather than writing out a lengthy how-to, take a series of screen captures as you execute the target tasks. Then use these images to create a printed or electronic instruction manual.

Worksheet Generator
Education World provides many free worksheets. But if you’re making your own classroom printables, screen-capture tools allow you to incorporate public-domain images without the fear of downloading them from questionable sites.

Save Typing Time
Perhaps you’re putting together a summer reading list. Rather than typing out a list of titles, take a screen capture of the Amazon page for each book. In one time-saving step, provide students with the books’ titles, covers and synopses.